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      Founded in June 2003, Yanying Enterprise was put into operation in October 2007. It invested two factories in Shishi City,Fujian Province. It built Yongning Taishang business investment zone (Fujian Yanying Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.) and Baogai Science Park (Shishi Yanying Plastic Products Co., Ltd.). It covers an area of about 60 mu, and has invested nearly 200 million yuan,180 staffs, the main production of functional soft packaging materials......

    3. CPP electronic membrane

    4. Optical glass protective film

    5. LCD sheet metal protective film

    6. CPE feature film

    7. Extinction PE film

    8. CPE printing film

    9. CPP extinction membrane

    10. CPP tissue membrane

    11. CPP antistatic film

    12. CPP reinforced aluminized film
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